72% of Business Owners/ Designers feel alone and overwhelmed.
Do you feel the same? 

We are all going through turbulent times and struggling to find the correct path to our future dream, Brand or Retail business.

  • Sometimes it’s us, and we don't have the experience and we don’t know the answer; and
  • sometimes it’s not having someone with the experience and business insight to guide us, and
  • sometimes it’s knowing what needs to be done yet not knowing how to make it happen, and
  • sometimes it’s trying to find the right trusted advisor who understands what we are going through and can show us where the red flags and green flags are.

If you, or a member of your team are open to a new perspective, then talk to us for a no charge and no strings attached discussion about your challenges opportunities and the important decisions you have to make alone.

Today’s challenges are very real – the pandemic, changing technology and its impact, changing consumer behaviours, changing employee expectations, changing trade rules and not just Brexit, and so on.
These challenges will persist.
If you have been unable to resolve this growing list of challenges, then maybe it’s time to explore what we can provide to make your journey easier and more effective.
We will help you deliver your objectives.

Together, we will monetise your Brand. 
Together, we will build it globally and profitably.
You will now have the missing piece of the puzzle to reach your Dream Brand.

You have nothing to lose yet have everything to gain by calling us for this free exchange to discuss your dream, your Brand and your business (Zoom or phone).

Feel free to call or email us: UK +44 20 8576 6233 or on WhatsApp +44 7951 198 769 or [email protected].
Watch the video below as it will explain how we work and how we bring results to your dream, project and Fashion Brand.

Talking is free.
Helping you during Covid and beyond.
No Charge - No strings attached.
It's just about You.

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Fed up of losing time and money?
You are not alone.

Let's monetise your dream starting today.

Discover how our clients have managed to learn more and get more from their business.
Clients have compared us to "Doctor Fashion". We know how to ask the right questions before we prescribe our solution so that your pain goes away or your strength is increased.
Clients have mentioned "You care more about my business than I do" as we could see the green flag where they see a red flag or we see a red flag where the Designer or the Team sees a green flag.

Clients were able to measure the direct impact on the bottom line. 

Fashion VIP Service
This service was initially launched by our parent company Global Fashion Management (GFM) and requested by Young Designers. Listen to the video and GFM / LFBA Founder, Thierry Bayle and learn more about our Fashion VIP Service and how it brings real value added and benefits to you as a start up, Young or Emerging Designer.
You will understand our values and what drives us to help you.

GFM owns and manages the London Fashion Business Academy (LFBA). We support you directly and indirectly when working with Associations, Federations, Trade Shows, Fashion Weeks and even Governments. Feel free to make the introduction and let us know.

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