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freebie Aug 27, 2021

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Top 31+ Top Creative Marketing Ideas for July

marketing Jun 24, 2021

Each month (and get it ready in advance) plan the ideas you will put forward in your marketing to strengthen your Brand or project.

Wordstream Online Expert came up with a great resource we wish to share with you.

Check it here and start building your subscriber list and clients.
Implement an idea this week. Don't delay.

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What is the #1 Asset of your Fashion Brand? Do you have the right answer?

management May 20, 2021

For many years, Fashion Designers saw their product as their Number 1 asset.
Today, what do you believe is the #1 asset of a Fashion Brand?

Watch what we hear from your colleagues.

Check the video on YOU TUBE.

Thierry Bayle, founder of GFM and LFBA has more to share with you to help you monetise your Brand and Retail business.

During turbulent times, why stay alone when we can deliver more and better together.

By your side, always.
We care and we will prove it on the first call you will give us. 
Ask us precisely what you want and we will work with you.
Budget is never an issue. Why? Because you have been at the origin of why we have set up our Online Courses. We responded to your request to have the business of fashion delivered in a cost effective way that will never break the Bank.

Need a quick call to action and Build a global and profitable Brand?

Check out our 10-week program.
You get access to our Premium Online Courses, free weekly webinar, free 1-2-1 time with an expert to...

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From where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow

management May 06, 2021

Congratulations, you have a Dream and maybe even a big Dream.

This is good.

Now, to go from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow, you need to move from the old location to the new location.
This will mean that change has to happen.

Do you have a belief that prevents you from growing or moving towards your Dream?

Do you know which belief will help you and support you in moving towards your Dream?

Old beliefs have cost dozens of thousands of dollars to many Designers we know.
It does not have to happen to YOU!

Just 1 old wrong belief will make you lose a season and sometimes 3 years as well as losing money and relationships with family, old friends and partners.
We have seen it happening every single month.

Now, imagine you have adopted a new way of thinking and working.
Imagine you have now embedded a new belief, what do you see the results to be? What is the outcome that you see for you, your happiness, your business?

We are committed in helping you make your Dream a...

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Radio BBC4 - Substance and Critical Thinking

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2021

Where do you get your ideas to grow the business?

On April 10th, Radio BBC4 was the right place to get real insight.

It was interesting to hear experts talking about the role that companies and individuals give to how we present.

The issue is that we forget 2 notions which are real contributors to the companies' strengths and future growth:

Substance and
Critical Thinking.

Do you ensure there is quality content and substance coming from your employees?
Do you promote and support the employees (and partners) to bring critical thinking when projects are discussed and when solutions are implemented?

If you answer no then you are letting your business down. 
By embedding those 2 skills (bringing and showing substance, knowing and applying critical thinking), you will reach higher results.

When we work with Clients, we see 4 direct positive outcomes:

1. The boss appreciate that it can delegate more to the Team as it brings higher results

2. The staff is highly motivated as they see...

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Marcus Lemonis : Top 10 Rules

cnbc management Mar 27, 2021

After several years working hard on the The Profit from CNBC, Marcus Lemonis shares with us his Top Rules. 
Have a healthier business.


Rule 1 - Don't be an ass

Rule 2 - Make your employees number 1

Rule 3 - Know what you don't know

Rule 4 - Accept the crazy 

Rule 5 - Be vulnerable

Rule 6 - Be authentic

Rule 7 - Be transparent

Rule 8 - It's all about follow through (Need a process and consistency)

Rule 9 - Know your numbers

Rule 10 - Quit whining and start winning

 We agree with his approach and his focus around Products, People and Processes.

If you need a sounding board or help to implement the above points in your business, let us know.

Book your free discovery call here.


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ANCHOR FM Podcast GFM - LFBA Podcast - Learn the Business Of Fashion

fashion podcast retail Mar 26, 2021

Discover our new podcast platform for you to learn the business of fashion from the comfort of your mobile phone, desktop at your home or office.


Tell us more about the important topics you want to hear about. 
What is preventing you from moving forward?
What would help you boost sales? Have a healthier or more resilient business?




Do you need personal advice? Book your session with the Founder here.

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Positive Thinking - Be a Thinker!

management Mar 17, 2021

March 17th 2021 - Positive Thinking Programme

Did you hear Sangita Myska and Charles Towers Clark on BBC Radio 4?
Topic: Keeping Humans Relevant At Work

There were a few key messages to reflect. Hear the whole interview above.

Be a thinker and not just a doer especially in an economy where we will see more automation.
Do you agree?

We agree that as a Manager or CEO, guide your team and coach them. Help them become a better version of themselves and make them become a leader.

Charles Towers-Clark was also recommending to use tools such as

1. Rewarding Staff
2. Creating Transparency including salary information
3. Offering shares to the staff
4. Allowing Staff to pick up how many days of holiday they would have, where to work from and even choose their salary

He asked us to be more Human as we all need to communicate better.

Our clients have asked us the same things.
Support us in making the CEO/ Team more human and teaching, sharing and bringing more leadership skills, communication...

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The Golden Rules for Pop Ups

management online Mar 11, 2021

In the Online space, you do not have unlimited functionalities to connect and exchange with the visitor and future Client.
Discover the world of pop ups.

Pop ups are sometimes considered as intrusive however they are here to play an essential part in the customer journey. 
The pop ups can be smart if you use all the dimensions you can play with.

  • Just text?
  • Text and image/ video?
  • Content just about discounts?
  • Content about free shipping? Or may be
  • Content around social proof or liking?

Now you may start seeing that there are opportunities in every tool put at your disposal.

Some pop ups are not controlled and despite closing them they re-appear on and on and one ... This is indeed irritating, annoying and intrusive!
Alternatively, they close yet they reappear the next day. Is that too soon or too late?

This is for you to answer based on your Vision on customer journey. 
We believe it is too early unless you have a different pop up message. 
It can be more...

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How to find super creative content all around you. For free!

management podcast Mar 06, 2021

Are you struggling to find ideas to communicate your Brand's message?
You are not alone.

However, it does not have to be so challenging and you do not necessarily need to pay a Marketing Agency for all your creative needs.

Listen to this GFM / LFBA podcast. You will see practically how GFM-LFBA Founder can find answers by just looking carefully at what is around us in our daily life.
All those ideas are yours for free.

You can get help from us on the business of fashion so that you do not have to focus on that if you do not want to.

  • Have top expert advice across wholesale, retail and online
  • Benefit from international experience 
  • Learn what successful Designers do and you will avoid the mistakes made by the competition.

Call us when you are ready.
Tel +44 20 8576 6222 - Whatsapp +44 7951 198 769




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