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The Perfect Work Out
to get your Brand in shape for 2022 &
How to get a Personal Trainer for free

Top Tips to plan, preserve & sustain
your Fashion Brand in 2022.

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& use it with your coach to grow 10X.

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Webinar Host & Speaker:
Thierry Bayle, Founder of Global Fashion Management and the
London Fashion Business Academy

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Getting your Brand fit, this is our mission.
Join us to learn how to successfully monetise your brand in 2021, including ...

  • The top 3 management techniques used by successful brands
  • The top 5 golden rules and mistakes at wholesale
  • The top 5 golden rules and mistakes at retail
  • The 5 Ingredients for personal and business success

Iwona, Designer - UK

"Appreciated the work done and continuous support that I received. Approachable, friendly and super professional. I recommend you use them if you are serious and willing to be challenged on how to better manage your business."

Adolfo, Business Owner - Uruguay

"Once again you are helping me to assess things from different angles. I had never even considered this... (really like the way you think).
Will work in this direction (feels right) & advise shortly where it 
takes me...
Appreciate the fact you took the time to really think about this and give me this valuable 
Food for Thought."


Thomas, Business Owner - France

“Working with you has made such a difference to our business – we spent years trying to figure things out…
In just an hour you helped us to see where we were going wrong. 
Since then, sales are up and we feel like we’re controlling the business and not the other way around!”  

Betsy, Designer - Austria

"Thierry is extremely knowledgeable on the fashion industry and not only does he offer great advice, he also asks intelligent and useful questions that make you think.

I have come to him for feedback on my business on numerous occasions, and he has always encouraged me to go beyond my initial inquiry, and to look more broadly for solutions.

He pushes you to look at the bigger picture, at the actions that will sustain your business, and make it grow and become relevant."

Alice, Designer - Uruguay

"I like the honest and analytical look, the treatment of various topics such as cost, places of sales, brand positioning, focus on the product ... Everything is super important and I appreciate the comments being honest, timely & practical. I want to thank you for all your advice. During the 121 meeting, I left with a lot to think and restructure. Now, I know where the dangers are."

GFM & LFBA 2 resources to launch your Brand & monetise it successfully

GFM - Your Trusted Advisor in the Business of Fashion

Global Fashion Management (GFM) provides CEO level business advice. Thanks to our in-house and external partners, we act as an extension of your own office and we execute the plan alongside your own team whether you are a start up, medium or large organisation (brand, retailer, online business, fashion project or service provider).

The LFBA is fully owned & managed by GFM & committed to your success with online courses, free email exchanges and 121 Expert time. 

LFBA - #1 Platform for Business Online Courses

The London Fashion Business Academy (LFBA) was set up after Young and Emerging Designers expressed their need to find a resource providing business information on how to run a profitable Brand. This solution had to never break the bank and provide practical answers across all opportunities and challenges Brands will face.

The LFBA was born. Our Mission: Provide resources & hands-on help based on 25 years' experience to over 1000 Designers.