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Build your Fashion Brand in 10 Weeks (Digital Masterclass)

Do you dream of building a successful fashion brand & monetise it effectively? 
Do you already have a Brand or do you want to build it stronger to face any future crisis?
Are you struggling to cope with the impact of the pandemic?   Are you looking to prepare for 2021 and need  a clear roadmap to sustain a profitable Brand?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, this Build your Brand in 10 weeks Online Masterclass is for you as it comes with free email exchanges as well as 121 Expert time to ensure you are never left alone.

1. Weekly online course to cover partly or wholly 1 of the 6 key pillars to set up, manage and scale up your Brand 

2. Weekly webinar to cover the topic of the week + extensive Q&A (if you cannot attend, you will be able to listen to the recording at a time that suits you, however you will need to prepare the exercise before we move on to the next module the week after). We welcome your questions after the live session.

3. Weekly homework to ensure the knowledge is well embedded in your business and your business plan

4. The Homework and multiple choice questions throughout the masterclass will enable us to deliver you the Certificate of completion for this Brand Building Masterclass.

The Build-your-Fashion-Brand-in-10-weeks Digital Masterclass shares with you over 25 years' experience from Strategy to Execution. 


1. Build a roadmap / blueprint to where you want to go
2. Start or complete your business plan as you work each week on a different module - see list of modules below
Each module will be developed around our proprietary system the 6 Pillars of Fashion Success.
3. Understand each top component of the Brand Building puzzle. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of all the top components, stakeholders, challenges and opportunities your business will face.
4. Learn how to better manage any project in Fashion
5. Learn how to anticipate and better manage each key stakeholder from staff to agents-distributors, buyers, service providers...
6. Life access to the Masterclass content - No yearly renewal fee, despite the upgrading of the training modules and case studies.
7. Unlimited email support so that you can have your questions answered, based on your specific context
8. Personal 121 time with the Expert (2 hours). This can take place at any time

Content - Each module is developed around the 6 Pillars of Success

Feel free to reach out to us.
WhatsApp +44 7951 198 769 / UK +44 20 8576 6233
[email protected]



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